3 Important Tips About Your Social Media Content

I’m often asked by businesses about content and social media. So I’ve come up with 3 important tips that are easy to remember to help you.

1) Share Your Content More Than Once. Most of you have embraced blogging by now and you’ve built up a lot of blog posts going back years in some cases. Unless the material is no longer relevant, then go ahead and recycle that content.

Read the entire post you did and make sure that the information still makes sense for today and for your ideal client. You may have changed who you’re targeting which means the content may have to be tweaked a bit. Websites often see a larger increase in traffic to their sites by re-posting old blog posts than when they first posted the article. You may also want to add a new image, there’s some pretty cool images out there and if yours is older than change it out and give it fresh new look.

2) Post About What is Going to Help Your Ideal Customer.  Did you know that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the other social media sites you are currently signed up on rank you by content.  It’s not o.k. just to be there, you have to be adding good content.
What would the people on your sites want to read about? What would be helpful for the people reading your content even if the content isn’t directly related to the services you provide.
As a Business Coach you could post about bookkeeping as an example, it’s not what you do but, it would help your clients.  You get it now I’m sure.
A little extra tip. The blog title is the grabber for your audience.  The title is also one area that these search engines really take a hard look at. Try creating a title that a searcher would type in the search bar in order to find your blog.

3) A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words; We’ve all heard that before, haven’t we? And it couldn’t be any truer today than ever before. We have all of these pictures, infographs etc. flying around the internet and who ever heard of a Selfie before? If we ever wanted to do a selfie before we needed a tripod the size of a small car. But times have changed and images are everywhere.

As much as we visually love images and putting text on top of images for more impact, SEARCH ENGINES can’t read text on images. They can’t read all of that great material you have put on that perfect image.  How do you fix that? Make sure you add a description to your social media post along with that image. I’m not saying you have to every time but, if the image is really, really good and is going to create a lot of retweets, shares and likes, add some text in the posting box.
Images On Your Website:  you normally have a description area or another area called Alt Text when you upload an image. Add the text in these areas, especially the Alt Text, Google really pays attention to that one.

So those are my top 3 social media marketing tips for you. When it comes to writing your content, I’m going to leave this with you. Walk a mile in their shoes. Of course, you know I’m talking about your customer. Write for them not for you.
Thanks for reading, now go back to your blog posts and get those old ones out of the dusty layers of your history of blog posts and let them see the light of day again. Need more help? We are real people and will take the time to chat with you.


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