Can I Use Any Image I Find On Google For My Marketing?

Google Images

The Image is on Google so I guess I can use it . . . Right? Need to use images on your website?  Don’t want to get sued?  Here’s what you need to know about stock image licenses.

If you are purchasing images from a stock gallery:

Different paid stock website galleries have different licenses, and if you are paying for stock images you will want to read their terms and conditions  for use carefully!

Generally speaking, however, most paid stock galleries allow you, as the license holder, to use the file for any personal , business or commercial purposes that aren’t otherwise restricted by the licenses.  You can not purchase the license though and give it to someone else to use. It is for you use only.

  • Allow subcontractors to use your content in an end product
  • If you are a web or graphic designer, your employer or client can use the images and be bound to the legal conditions of the license.

These are general guide lines so read the terms carefully.

Your graphic designer can purchase images for you, but it’s best to pay for them yourself. When you have someone else pay for them you don’t really know where else they might be used and if you need them in the future and your relationship breaks down with your graphic or web designer it may be hard to get the images.

If you are using “free” stock images:

If you’re wanting free or low-cost stock images there are a  ton of websites that offer a lot of choices for you. Free images are usually given under two different licenses types:

Creative Commons Zero means that you can use the images in any way that you need to, without asking permission.

Creative Commons with attribution means that you can use the images in any way that you need to, but you’ll need to credit the website or author in your usage.

You will come across some image sites that will allow you to download free, but don’t forget to attribute their website or the creator of the image.

Giving credit is easy. You can add the name of the creator under the image in the caption area and/or include the website url. You can also contribute in the alt tag when it’s loaded on your website , plus link the image to the creators website.

Businesses get sued all of the time for using images that they are not legally allowed to use. Make sure you have on file where you purchased the images or for free images, include the source in your files as back up.

Just because you use Google images does not make them free for you to use.

If you find an image online and want to know where it came from, it can be a lot of work and tricky to find. If you see an image on Google images, you can right click your mouse and there is an option to search for this image on Google. Once you click that, you can find where else this image was used and try to find the source. There are a lot of free graphic sites, but if this image is for your brand it’s best to go to a website like iStock and purchase it. This will keep your brand protected.

If you can’t find the source of the image and you want to use it for  your marketing, don’t!! Go find another image instead.

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