How Long Does It Take To Rank Higher On Google


That seems to be the big question I’m asked from a lot of people that I speak to. How long does it take to rank higher on Google. Most people are concerned mainly because of the perceived high cost of paying someone to optimize their website.  According to many of the large SEO companies it takes on average.  3-6 months or even  up to a year to rank higher on Google.

That may seem like a long time, but you have to remember, there are a lot of websites that are on the web right now so it takes a while for Google to pick them up. They want to make sure that you have great information, your website is legit and you are following their guidelines.

What also greatly effects this, is the keywords your site is optimized for the most. If you are using popular keywords such as Real Estate Agent (even if you’ve included your city name), in most cities there are a lot of Real Estate Agents that you are competing  against for the same keywords.

You also have to think of the global web and not just local. You may have keywords such as  Real Estate Agent Toronto for example, and think you are only competing with other Agents in the Toronto area for that keyword. That’s not true though. You are also competing against any website, article, blog and anything else on the internet globally that may have included those keywords.

Imagine that, anything on the entire web that has included those keywords, staggering isn’t it. This holds true for every keyword or phrase you are wanting to be optimized for too.  Each set of those keywords or phrases may likely have different competition. Welcome to keywords and competition 101.  Next time you can’t figure out why you aren’t on the first page of Google or you’re giving your SEO person a hard time for not getting you on the first page of Google, think of this article. They need to work hard every day to make sure you stay on top, they need to find all of those competitors and come up with ways to beat them. That takes a lot of time and often paid ads. But their time is money for them too.

Every industry is different and the amount of time/money and results will be different depending on the demand for those valuable keywords. Some people have made it to the top faster, but that could be because of lack of competition or the competition (lucky for them) isn’t doing any SEO on their website.  Every site is different and every business is different, you can’t compare on persons site to another in most cases.

Yes there are some bad SEO people out there and yes some of them charge more than what your getting in return. But this is why you need to know more about how the internet works so you can make sure you’re making the right choice in service providers. I tell my clients how the internet works because they do need to know the basics even if they never manage any of their own web presence. That way they know what they are paying for and it’s fair to them. They also know, should they hire anyone to help them with their websites, how to have a more informed discussion which means a more informed decision.


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