Tips For Writing Posts On Social Media

Before you start using social media for your biz, you might have assumed that finding cool content to share would be the hardest part. And then you started writing posts. 😳 For some people, creating a concise, meaningful and entertaining post just comes easy. For other people — lots of people — writing those posts brings on a [...]

WTH – You Won’t Answer My E-mail On The Weekend?

Wow it's the weekend and aren't you looking forward to not working and spending time just doing whatever sparks your interest. No bosses, no project to worry about that is taking longer than you ever thought it would. Relax and enjoy your personal time.  We love our time off don't we? Oh, but wait. You [...]

LinkedIn-Get Your Posts At The Top Of Your Page Profile

There have been many complaints about LinkedIn and the ability for you or your connections to see those great posts you do on your profile. Before, once you posted something, no one was able to see it on your profile, and hopefully your connections were online when you shared a post.  Well now they can [...]