You Can Now Auto Post A Google+ Profile

       Want to schedule a post on your Google+ Profile?  Until recently you were only able to auto post onto your Google+ Page. Their API (An API specifies how software components should interact ) would block us from being able to auto post to our profile's. Now Google has changed all of that. [...]


3 Important Tips About Your Social Media Content

I’m often asked by businesses about content and social media. So I’ve come up with 3 important tips that are easy to remember to help you. 1) Share Your Content More Than Once. Most of you have embraced blogging by now and you’ve built up a lot of blog posts going back years in some cases. [...]

Facebook Hack To Stop Bad Language On Your Page

Some people just get a bit carried away with their comments on a post or a comment from another fan on a Facebook Page. We've all had or have seen people on Facebook Pages that at one time or another feel they need to vent on a post or comment.  People can be very passionate [...]

WTH – You Won’t Answer My E-mail On The Weekend?

Wow it's the weekend and aren't you looking forward to not working and spending time just doing whatever sparks your interest. No bosses, no project to worry about that is taking longer than you ever thought it would. Relax and enjoy your personal time.  We love our time off don't we? Oh, but wait. You [...]