You Can Now Auto Post A Google+ Profile

       Want to schedule a post on your Google+ Profile? 

Until recently you were only able to auto post onto your Google+ Page. Their API (An API specifies how software components should interact ) would block us from being able to auto post to our profile’s. Now Google has changed all of that.

Google is allowing full access to personal profiles via their API.

There are just 3 tools at the time of this post that will let you schedule your posts to your Google+ profile. I’m sure more will follow as the demand grows.

  • DoShare: old school and unreliable according to their readers and forums.
  • Friends+Me: Not bad, not the best though.
  • HootSuite: Which is my personal favourite.

This may be good news for you. Use your Google+ Page and profile for at least SEO reasons. Google loves Google products and will rank a Google+ post on their search engine before they would any other social media site.

Will this ability to auto post get you to use your Google+ Profile more now?

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