WTH – You Won’t Answer My E-mail On The Weekend?

Do I have to answer business e-mails on the weekend

Wow it’s the weekend and aren’t you looking forward to not working and spending time just doing whatever sparks your interest. No bosses, no project to worry about that is taking longer than you ever thought it would. Relax and enjoy your personal time.  We love our time off don’t we?

Oh, but wait. You don’t work for someone else. You are a business owner, you’re not supposed to have any personal time off!! You are supposed to answer e-mails 24/7 because I am your client, your customer, so if I’m on my computer surfing the net, updating my Facebook, answering e-mails then you should be. I see you updating your posts on Twitter, I know you’re on your computer after dinner or at midnight so WTH don’t you answer my e-mails.

I’m here to tell you, NO you don’t have to!! You don’t have to answer business related e-mails and you can feel O.K. about it. If you’ve made it clear on your website, to your clients and in the about sections of your social media profiles that you have set business hours then you have the right to expect people to honour them.

Yes we will e-mail you at any hour of the day because sometimes ideas pop into our heads at all hours of the day or we just didn’t get the time during your business hours to write that e-mail. Unless it’s an emergency, then you have the right to not answer the e-mails after business hours.

Set your hours of operation, live by them, make sure your customers know what they are. Personal time is important in order to have a balanced life. If your life is balanced your business will do well. You are not a machine. They say you need to “pay yourself first”. Allowing yourself personal time is part of that “pay yourself first”.

Do you feel the need to answer all of the e-mails you get no matter the time of day? Or are you brave enough to set your hours and stick to them?
So many people complain about our digital world taking over every minute of our lives, but we allow it. Be part of that change, set your work hours and stick to them as much as possible.

Are you stuck in digital overload mode? This might be a good time for us to chat. Let us take some of the burden off of your hands so you can have the “personal time” Ask me how.


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