Get Mobile Or Get Lost on WWW Says Google

Google Ranks in 2015. Mobile friendly websites will be taking a big hit on the ranking scale than non-mobile friendly websites. There is a Google Tool here that will tell you if your website is mobile friendly or not….

Google Ranks Mobile Friendly website Higher 2015Google announced it’s going to rank your website much lower if you don’t have a mobile friendly view.  Did you know that 71% of people access the internet on a mobile device? This includes tablets, not just cell phones.

Google has been encouraging business owners to have mobile friendly websites for quite a while and have ranked non-mobile websites slightly lower.  But now they are no longer waiting for you to “get around” to having a mobile friendly website.

But regardless of what Google is now looking for, with more of your customers and potential customers using their devices to connect with your business, it only makes good business sense.  You really can’t say any longer “but my customers don’t use their phones to search”. They may not be using their phones, but they will more likely be using a tablet. Or for older clients, it’s their kids or close family member searching right along side them on a device rather than a computer.

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly enough? Google has this tool you can use to find out. All you need to do is add your website url and it will tell you if it is or isn’t mobile friendly and it will also tell you which pages are having some issues. This is a Google tool that their developers created for you that takes into consideration all of the parameters they are looking for.

To find out if your website is mobile friendly enough for your visitors and the new Google ranking changes. Click this link to the Google Mobile Friendly Test page and type in the url to your website. It’s that easy. If your website has a lot of issues that need fixing, then get them fixed. If you don’t have a mobile friendly website, ask your web developer to check into that. There are quite a few themes for a website that are automatically ready for mobile devices and respond quite well. Sometimes it’s as easy as checking off a box on your platform. But sometimes you may need a new theme or website. Ask your developer or we can chat with you about this if you are no longer using the developer that created your website.


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