I Need More Likes From My Social Media For My Blog Posts

How to get more Likes for a blog postWhy isn’t anyone “Liking” my blog posts on my social media sites? When we take the time to create a great blog post and share it on our social media sites we look for people on there to click the “like” or “favorite” button and it’s just not happening.  You’re told that, that is the ultimate goal and you must figure out how to get people to do that. Right?

First off, it’s great that you are blogging. But blogging is more than getting the “Likes” on your social media sites.  The other reasons you’re blogging will be for another post. Today I’m going to tell you why may not be seeing a whack of people “Liking” your blog post.

Stop focusing on the number of “Likes” to begin with. When you create a blog post and you attach a link on your social media channels, people are clicking on the link which leads them to your website which is where your blog is. They read the blog and they hopefully find it useful and call, or comment or take some sort of action that you’ve asked then to at the end of the blog post. That’s perfect. We always want to lead people to our website because that is really where all of your great information is stored to see all at once.

So, they’ve read the blog post and now they go back to Facebook, or any other social site. They are not going to go back and find the original post you did on your social media to now click the “Like” button. Do you? Most people who click the “Like” or comment on their social media sites have not read the blog post but have read the text you put in the status update section to get then to read the blog post.  If you want more likes, then look at that.

How do you know you’re blog posts are reaching people? You have to look at your website analytics. Google analytics for example tells you where the user came from, social, organic search etc. It tells you the exact pages they went to including your blogs posts.

Stop getting all upset that people aren’t clicking the “Like” for a link you’ve attached that has lead then off of the social media channel and to another website. These are busy people and they don’t have time to search you out again to give you that tiny bit of gratification for the rest of the world to see. They are consumed with what they need to do.  Check your analytics, if they are reading, jump for joy.  If they aren’t then it’s time to  rethink your strategies. Are you not getting people reading your blog posts? Did you want to chat about why? Contact me today. 

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