Facebook Has a New Button For Your Page: Call To Action

Facebook just rolled out a new feature for your Facebook business page. It’s a Call to Action button.

  • Book Now – Perfect for clinics, hotels, restaurants to book appointments.
  • Contact Us –Make sure it does go directly to your website’s contact page.
  • Use App – send users right to your mobile app page or app
  • Play Game – Gives you a chance to share game demos or play the game online.
  • Shop Now – Add your e-commerce website
  • Sign Up – Want to build a database of email subscribers? The best button to fit the role.
  • Watch Video – add your Youtube or uploaded Facebook video’s

Here is what it looks like. The first step is to go to your page and right on your cover image beside the “Like” button you will see the Create Call-to-Action. You’ll click that button. Facebook call to action button

The next step is to choose which action you want your fans to take. If you don’t have an app of your own then do not check that off. This app option will appear again after you click next but again don’t check it if you don’t already have one.

Facebook Call to action button options

Once you have chosen what you want your fans to do and filled out the correct fields for that, click next again. Below is the next page that appears. As I said, if you don’t have your own app, just click next for this screen and the next one that comes up.

Facebook Call to action app

After you’ve completed that two screens for mobile devices you are finished so go ahead and click the final screen that says finished. Below is how it will appear on your Facebook Business page. All a fan has to do now is click that button and they will be redirected to the page or app you entered into the Call To Action Button.Facebook call to action button on FB page

I hope this new feature works for you. Don’t forget to check the Facebook Insights to see if it is working and you are getting clicks. If not you can always change where you want them to go. Especially if you have a video coming out. So remember that it’s there and it can be changed any time. I help business owner take care of their social media updates, changes to the social media sites. Check out my services area and let’s talk about how I can help you too.

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