Really? Why Should I Care You Had Coffee At . . .

cartoon - I love my computerDon’t let the title fool you. I do care and so should you about a post made like this.  And I will tell you why.

I hear this comment time and time again from people who are on Social Sites. “Why do I care if that person just woke up and is going to grab a coffee.”

My thought on this comment is……. If I met someone at an event or even spoke to a co- worker and they had told me this, would it seem out-of-place?  Probably not depending on the conversation. What we should remember is  these Social Sites were first created for people to share their lives with people they know that do not live near them or possibly do live near them. Possibly a relative in another city or trying to get to know people with alike interests in a new city they moved to.

This is still true today for the same reason  most people joined a Social Site like Facebook to share  a common ground. What has changed is the shift in allowing businesses to use these Social Sites to promote their products or services, which has been great for marketing your company. But it has also gotten most of these business owners to forget why the people on these sites originally joined. To connect and communicate moments of their lives.

Now here is an observation of mine on “Why Should I care you had Coffee at……”. Today there are more and more people feeling alone. The increase in Divorces, relocation to another city, feeling like they are overwhelmed and trying to find those one or two people who feel the same way and connect. What ever the reason is does not really matter, people just feel the need to be connected to someone. Social Sites allow them to do this. Before, when they woke up they could tell their partner, parents, co-workers or room-mate, “Hey, just going out for a coffee, be right back”.  It’s a comforting feeling for them….. someone who cares about them with even the menial tasks they have to do that day, like making a cup of coffee.

So before you make that comment again, think about why would this person feels compelled to share this little bit of information out for anyone that may or may not care. You don’t have to comment on that post they made although it would be nice. “Hey enjoy that coffee”. Is it that hard to do? And then ask yourself, why do I care so little about anyone that would need to connect with someone? Why am I so disconnected from how people are feeling at that moment that I feel compelled to complain about such a simple comment in someone’s life.

Social Sites are there to connect and share, it is not up to us to decide what is important to someone or not. We have a choice to unfriend or unfollow, but why would you if this person is someone who just wanted to connect.

But if you need a business perspective, some of these people may be your ideal client. If you sell coffee or for dog lovers you may be a vet or a pet groomer. So pay attention to what other people are talking about and how you can help them as a business or as a charitable organization.  I’m done now, do you pay attention to what is actually said in some of the posts you read?
Friend me on Facebook, I like to share a coffee moment with you.

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