Keywords: Getting Them Right

Using the wrong keywordsI’m not going to spew off about how important keywords are, you know that already. What you may not know, because you’ve hired someone to add keywords for you, is this; don’t get ripped off any more by paying someone to give you keywords that are useless.

I’ve worked with quite a few clients creating and implementing their online marketing strategies and along with that I tend to look at how they or someone they are working with are using keywords as part of the optimizing plan for their websites or social media. And what I’ve seen over the years is shocking.

Let’s talk keywords for just a sec. Keywords are what drive people using search engines to find your business, that part you know.  But what keywords are important? Let’s take cars as an example.  Most people buy a car in the area they live. The car sales company hires someone to optimize their website for keywords. This SEO company gives the owner a list of keywords they want him/her to use. In this list are words like: Car, automobile, sedans, convertibles, SUV , you get the idea. Sounds about right, right?

Now imagine how many websites include the word car, and not just sites that sell cars, any site in the entire world that uses the word car in it. That’s a whole lot of sites.  I did a Google Search and as of the date of posting this article, there are  2,540,000,000.00 sites that came up using the word “car” somewhere in their website. That’s a whole lot of competition. How would your website ever be found among all of those sites?  Well it wouldn’t. Unless you had truckloads of money that is.

What should you have then? Every keyword for one, needs to be separated by a comma and each keyword would be what people are really typing in. In your area, it might be something like this (I’ll use my city in this example): “Best prices for new cars in Ottawa”, or, “New sedan’s with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features in Ottawa”. Are you seeing the big difference between these and the ones above?

When you think of keywords, think of how your local customers would use the search bar to type in what they are looking for. Most people are very specific on what they want and only want to find the information on these specific requirements. The general keywords have not worked in a very long time. Longer phrases work. These longer phrases need to make sense too, you cannot stuff a bunch into one sentence, who is going to type that in anyway.

Check what keywords your site is optimized for, make sure each individual keyword is separated by a comma or  each phrase is separated by a comma. If they are not then the search engines see these as all one big phrase.

I hope this helps and if you are not being optimized for the keywords in your local area and that is where your target audience is, then take a second look or have someone else do that for you.

I help clients take care of their online marketing by doing the tasks they either don’t like to do or are too busy running their business to do. Are you ready to hand over some of these tasks to someone else and get on with working on the parts of the business you love most?


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