How the New Predictive Technology Will Effect Your Marketing

Wow, who would have ever thought that watches, car, refrigerators  and phones would  be connected to the internet. I remember when I had my fist watch, I was happy that it had a battery and I didn’t have to wind it up any more to make it work like my mom’s did.

Technology is changing and just like in the cartoon The Jetsons, it can now predict what we want by using our habits and the information we store  to a predict what we need and want. Now these phones, watches, cars and refrigerators are platforms that tell us much more. We’ve seen the Fitness Trackers,  smart home heating, home security on TV and how much more they do than just track our steps or turn down our heat at night. These are all predictive tech tools  and they are being synced with other devices and tools we will be and are using. How does that affect your business? They are all developed around predicting what we want to know about based on the settings we provide them through apps and the internet. There are now personal assistant tools available such as Google Now.

How Google Now works is it takes what you have installed in your apps (calendars as an example) and sends reminders and recommendations to you.  You have a meeting planned in the morning, Google now will set the alarm, check the weather and if necessary offer alternative driving routes if the traffic is backed up because of bad weather.

You may have booked a trip; Google Now will retrieve your boarding pass, offer car rental options available, hotels and recommend restaurants based on past reservations or locations.  You only need to choose which one you like the best.

So, you may be asking how this affects your business.  Take a look at the image below. This is an example of what Google Now will show a user. The restaurant is in the recommended places to dine where a person will be travelling. If Google Now is showing your business up as a recommendation, you want to make sure you have some great information and images available to a potential customer.  Don’t you?

How Google Now Works


Windows 10 will also have its own version called Cortana and these tools will also be integrated into cars as well.

It has never been more important than now to have a clear, consistent, branded message out on the web. These new home and personal tech tools are going to change how people buy, make no mistake. Just as social media changed how information was shared. Don’t make the same mistake that you may have about underestimating how social media will shape our lives. These tools will shape how your customers find your business, how they access that information and how they shop.

This technology is not happening sometime, it’s happening now. When was the last time you took a look at everything that’s online about your business. Have you ever had anyone do that for you? Lets take a look at how your viewed by people online. Lets get your business looking worthy enough for people to want to include you in their preferences.  Let’s start with an online audit, where, what and how people see and find your business.  Ready Now?


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