Is The Experience Worth More Than The Product?

There is a cafe (  Cafe Ke’ilu – or “Cafe Like” ) that doesn’t sell anything and charges money to customers for empty plates and cups.  Why are people giving him money for nothing? The experience. We’ve heard so much about content marketing, “you must pump out information regularly to your social media sites and post some pretty interesting blog posts”.  But what are we saying in all of these posts. What do people want to read and how will that translate into sales for my company, Give them an experience.

What’s been working for a lot of companies for many years and is most prevalent today is not so much the product or the service; it’s the experience they get. A really good example is Tiffany’s little blue box. Let’s face it; there are a lot of really nice diamonds available from a lot of other jewelry stores. But Tiffany’s isn’t selling the diamond alone; it’s selling the little blue box. When a girl sees that little blue box, it means as much or more than what’s in it. It’s the experience of receiving that little blue Tiffany box.

Selling the experience

I read this article in the Harvard Business Review that talks about this and other companies that sell their products or services this way. And let’s face it, we’ve never really bought anything because of facts. We buy because we felt good about it. It solved a problem, it made us feel great, and it may make us feel sad or even less frustrated and more accomplished. We bought because of how we felt at the time we bought it. 

When was the last time you bought something strictly based on fact? Facts get us to the end result when we get to the stage of looking for reviews or recommendations on a product or service. But our initial response to buy is based on feeling and wanting the experience that this product or service will give us.

So let’s talk about your social content. Are you giving your customers an experience or just pumping out the facts? Think about what makes you want to buy something. 

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