Facebook New Save A Post Feature

Facebook rolled out a new feature that you may not have seen. It is sort of hidden and unless you knew about it you would easily miss it. Sometimes we are just way to busy to read articles or watch a video we’ve seen on our Newsfeed and it would take forever to try and find it again. Until now.

When you see a post that has an article or video on it and you want to find it later all you have to do is click the little down arrow at the top right of the post (in the image below you see a little screen will pop up). Here is where all you have to do is click Save.  I follow Angela Sutcliffe who is a well known Business Consultant and her posts give me some really great information for my business but I also like to share them with friends. I don’t always have time to read it right now, so I’m just going to save it for later because it’s important to me that I read it.
How to Save a post on Facebook

But where do they go after you’ve save it? Well that’s pretty easy to find too.
Go the home page on your Facebook and on the left hand side, below your profile picture there will now be a “Saved” area.  Just click on Saved and all of the posts you’ve saved before are all right there for you to read.
Saved Posts on Facebook

Try it out and don’t miss another important update from a friend or business again. Once you’ve click on the Saved button and have read the post but no longer need to save it. There is a little X at the top right of each post so you can delete it.

I’m going to find this such a time saver. I like to take some time to read certain posts and be able to respond with my comments. This will allow me to connect with the people or information that is important to me or my business.

I’ve helped people work their way around social media for 8 years and now with Virtual Assist Girl, my clients love that they no longer have to worry about content marketing for their business. I provide these tips so they stay informed and so others can learn and be more productive with their business.  Don’t you just love the way marketing works?

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