LinkedIn Has Just Stepped It Up With Some Major Changes.

LinkedIn has a new blog feature. How to use it and why you should.

Recently LinkedIn has made a few changes that you are going to really like. These changes will enhance your profile and showcase your updates. One of the major changes is, you can now add a large banner to the top of your profile as seen in the image below. It’s a great place to really let people see your brand logo and highlight how you can help your clients.

linkedIn cover image

The other major change is the ability to add a blog post as a status update. I’m not talking about a blog post from your website where you add the link of your blog post to a status update (which you can still do). I’m talking about the new LinkedIn blog post feature. If you notice in the image below, this is my profile and below my profile description you can see 3 blog posts I’ve created in LinkedIn recently. It used to be that when you did a status update your connections could not see that update unless they happen to see it in their newsfeed. Now connections can go to your profile and see your important updates as a blog post right below your profile.

Linked in blog post feature

Not everyone has these features yet so check your LinkedIn. If you have the banner feature it will tell you at the top of your profile that you can add an image. To find out if you are able to add a blog post, look at where you normally add a status update. Look at the image below you will see a paper clip and a pencil. If you have both you can add a blog post by clicking the pencil. If you don’t see the pencil, then  you will have to wait until LinkedIn gives  you this ability, But make sure you watch for it.
LinkedIn Blog post

The blog feature is really important for sharing information. LinkedIn will add your post to it’s pulse section which is where users get the latest, best information. So make sure you put your Blog posts in this new feature.

If you’re struggling with how to use the social media tools or don’t have time to do this yourself. Send me an
e-mail to and I would be more than happy to talk about helping you. 

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