LinkedIn-Get Your Posts At The Top Of Your Page Profile

There have been many complaints about LinkedIn and the ability for you or your connections to see those great posts you do on your profile. Before, once you posted something, no one was able to see it on your profile, and hopefully your connections were online when you shared a post.  Well now they can see it any time.

If you take a look at the image below, my profile has three posts I did a few days ago. A reader just has to click on the post to read the entire article. How did I do this?
Linked In New Post Feature

The image below shows the normal “Share an update” area where your posts and links went. Do you see the little pencil there beside the paper click in the Share an update box? If you click that pencil, a large box appears where you can create a post very similar to how you would in your blog.

LinkedIn Post a blog directly in your updates

Now you can create a blog post directly into LinkedIn, add links to your website, images and more.  Don’t forget a great title and an image. Without an image, (if you back up to the first image on my blog) you will just have a big white blank box. Not very enticing for anyone to want to read.

Linkedin How to create a Blog post

This is a game changer for LinkedIn. Early reports are saying that people are getting more connections reading and are being found by their blog posts since using this feature. (The publishing feature is not open to everyone yet as of this posting but it is rolling out to all LinkedIn users)

Are you happy with the new Blog option on LinkedIn? Are you feeling overwhelmed and need admin help with managing all of the posting/marketing you need to do online? Let’s have a chat or visit or Virtual Marketing Assist services page for details on how we can help.






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