No More Forwarding to a Friend E-mails Allowed

The new Canadian Anti-Spam Law as come into effect and for a lot of business owners it’s very confusing as to what you can and can not do when it comes to e-mail marketing.
I’ve been posting updates for you to make it easier to digest. Here’s a new rule you need to comply with immediately.
CASL - E-mail Campaigns- Forward to A FriendYou no longer can add forward to a friend to your marketing material e-mails. If you have this feature automatically in embedded into your e-mail signature or the body of your message you will have to remove this.

Why? Because you nor the person sharing it has written or oral permission to forward this e-mail to anyone else. So without express consent from the recipient, it can not be forwarded. And if you are not 100% sure if they do have consent or not then you can not add the forward option.

Take a moment and contact the company or person that handles your e-mail marketing and make sure that the forward to a friend option is removed from your e-mails.

There is an exception to this rule. The person forwarding can forward to a “personal friend” or “family” member. A work around for you would be to add the words “Forward to a personal friend or family member”. This way you are protected. More often than not it is the wording that will change in a lot of messages.

What’s the difference between “Forward to friend” and “Forward to a personal friend” Or “Family” is the presumption of a relationship. With the term “Friend” being used on the social sites it no longer is an acceptable accepted term that can be presumed that the person is really a mutual, personal friend.

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